I found a very interesting list of 27 commonly misused word at CopyBlogger (Inigo Montoya Guide to the 27 most commonly misused words). Most of us make a mistake while using these words. It is very important to know which word to use in what context.

I hope you will all like the list and remember to use them "correctly" next time you write/say something.

Here are some that I think are most common mistakes:

Complement / Compliment

Farther / Further

Insure / Ensure

Who / Whom

You may read the complete list with examples at:

Inigo Montoya Guide to the 27 most commonly misused words

English Grammar is a very important part of almost all competitive exams, so lets' learn something about these words. We will try and publish some more here at GJTutorial.com for our reader's.

Do you remember making any such mistake? Let us know via comment.

Happy Learning!!

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