Syllabus for written exam conducted by UP Public Service Commission for Food Inspectors Recruitment (Food and Medical Administration Deptt.).

Written Test Pattern:

The examination is divided into two levels:

(1) Objective Type Test

(2) Viva-Voce (Personality Test)

Objective Type Test (400 Marks, 3 Hours):

Paper I

General Studies (150 Marks, 01 Hours)

Paper II

Main Subjects (250 Marks, 02 Hours)

Personality Test (Viva Voce, 50 Marks):

This test will relate to the matter of General interest keeping in view of general awareness, intelligence, character, personality, expression power and general suitability for the service.

Detailed Syllabus:

General Studies:

The paper of General Studies will include question on the following topics:

1. General Science

Question on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of Science, including matters of everyday observation and experience, as may be expected of a well educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline.

2. Current Events of National and International Importance.

Happening around the world.

3. History of India.

In History of India emphasis should be on broad understanding of economic, Social, Cultural and Political aspects of Indian History.

4. Indian National Movement.

In Indian National Movement, the candidates are expected to have a synoptic view of the nature and character of the Indian freedom movement, growth of nationalism and attainment of independence.

5. Indian Polity and Economy.

In Indian Polity and Economy questions will test knowledge of the candidate pertaining to Indian Polity including the Indian Constitution, Panchayati Raj and community Development, broad features of Indian economy and planning.

6. World Geography and Population.

In world Geography and population, only General understanding of the subject will be expected with emphasis on physical/ecological, economic and socio-demographic aspects of Geography of India. Candidates are expected to have general awareness about the above topics with special reference to Uttar Pradesh.

Main Subject:

1. Definition and standards of Food quality

Proximate analysis of Foods, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Vitamins, Minerals Fibres and Water, Human Nutrition, Major and Minor Nutrients and their role, Deficiency Diseases.

2. Fruits, Vegetables and Plantation products:

Definition, Classification, Juices, Pulps, Powder & Extracts, Squash, Cordials, RTS_Beverages etc., Jam, Jellies & Marmalades, Puree, Paste and Concentrates. Ketchups, Sauce & Pickles, Still & Carbonated Beverages. Tea, Coffee and Chocolates, Spices, Quality tests of above food products.

3. Cereals, Pulses and Oil-Seed products:

Definition and Classification of wheat, Rice, Pulses & Oil seed products. Flour, Bread, Biscuits, Cake and other Baked Items. Dehulled legume-Pulses. Vegetable Oil- Refined & Hydrogenerated etc.

4. Animal Food Products:

Fluid Milk and its various kinds. Concentrated and dried milk Products, Fermented Milk Foods, Cream, Ice-Cream, Butter, Chees, Milk Adulterants and its detection. Meat, Fish, Poultry and Egg Products and their quality Control.

5. Food Additives:

Chemical Preservation and assessment of excess use of preservatives & Chemicals, Food Colours, Poisonous metals, Anti Oxidants, Food Flavors, Insecticides & Pesticides, Irradiated Foods. Fierobiological quality of Foods, Food safety, Food Sanitation and Hygeine. PFA, FPO, BIS and AGMARK Specifications of various types of Food and Food Products.

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission Food Inspectors Recruitment 2010

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