We are giving here Maths Questions for Bank exams like IBPS CWE, Bank PO, Bank Clerical, SBI Clerical Recruitment. It is an important section for each exam. Try to solve these questions.

Answers are given at the end. Download more.

1.      Find the unit digit in the product.

(268 × 539 × 826 × 102)

a.      5

b.      3

c.       4

d.      2

2.      Find the missing number in the series.

20, 21, 25, 34, 50, ?, 111

a.      70

b.      65

c.       60

d.      75

3.      In a cricket team, the average age of 11 players and the coach is 18 years. If the age of the coach is not considered, then the average decreased by 1 year. Find out the age of the coach?

a.      29

b.      27

c.       31

d.      None of these

4.      Present age of Rani and Kamiya are in the ratio of 5 : 6 respectively. 7 years hence, this ratio will become 6 : 7, respectively. What is Rani’s present age?

a.      25

b.      35

c.       34

d.      None of these

5.      A candidate scores 25% of total marks and fails by 60 marks while another candidate who scores 50% marks, get 40 marks more than the minimum required marks for the examination. Find the total marks?

a.      500

b.      350

c.       400

d.      None of these

6.      A man losses 10% when he sells an article for Rs. 21.60. If he wants to make a profit of 20%, then what is the selling price for that profit?

a.      Rs. 28.80

b.      Rs. 26.80

c.       Rs. 30.80

d.      None of these

7.       Raman and Sudhir invested Rs 24000 and Rs 8000 respectively for a period of 2 years. After 2 years, they earned Rs 48000. What will be the share of Raman out of this earning?

a.      Rs 38000

b.      Rs 32000

c.       Rs 36000

d.      None of these

8.      A sum of money becomes 3 times of itself in 20 years. Find its rate of interest?

a.      20%

b.      15%

c.       12%

d.      10%

9.      Sham covers a certain distance by the car at 35 Km/hr and he returns back to the starting point by scooter with the speed of 25 Km/hr. find the average sped for the whole journey.

a.      31.8

b.      28.16

c.       30

d.      29.16

10.  If the wages of 6 men for 15 days  be Rs 700, then the wages of 9 men for 12 days will be

a.      700

b.      840

c.       1050

d.      900

Numerical Ability for IBPS

The answers are given below. Like this page to show the answers.

1.C       2.D       3.A       4.B       5.C

6.A       7.C       8.D       9.D       10.B


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