Here are some objective type questions for Bank Exams like IBPS Common PO Test and SBI Recruitment Exam. The answers have been marked in Bold.


1. Which of the following is not correct with regard to marketing?

a. Marketing is a Management Function

b. Marketing is a Philosophy

c. Marketing is not related to Business Activity alone.

d. Marketing means selling.

e. Objective of Marketing is to achieve customer satisfaction.


2. Which of the following is a part of Marketing Management?

a. Identification of Business Opportunities

b. Understanding the Customer needs

c. Producing according to customer needs

d. Delivering as per Customer convenience

e. All the above


3. If Surf-Excel is three pack sizes and two types of packages what is the product depth?

a. Two

b. Three

c. Six

d. Eight

e. Nine


4. For promotion under 4P which aspect is not taken into account?

a. Advertisement

b. Sales Promotion

c. Sales Force

d. Public Relations

e. None of the above


5. In 4P model for marketing, the place relates to which aspect?

a. Distribution

b. Production

c. Transportation

d. a & c

e. b & c


6. What among the following is the feature of experienced goods?

a. These are intangible

b. These cannot be packaged

c. These cannot be touched

d. These can be evaluated only after use

e. All the above


7. A Brand name is?

a. A Symbol or a design for the purpose of identification.

b. Its legal version is trademark

c. It is given legal protection

d. All the above

e. None of the above



8. Rural Markets are

a. Homogeneous

b. Heterogeneous

c. Organized

d. Un-organized

e. None of these


9. When very little is known about the problem being examined, which type of marketing research is done?

a. Exploratory Research

b. Descriptive Research

c. Casual Research

d. Predictive Research

e. None of these


10. It is difficult to measure the morale of the sales team directly because

a. It is a tangible state

b. It is an intangible state

c. Employees hide the truth

d. All the above

e. None of these


11. Which among the following is / are user /users of the outcome of the Marketing Research

I) Consumers II) Business Firms III) Government IV) Producers

a. Only II

b. Only I & II

c. I, II, & IV

d. All

e. None of these


12. In Banking Services Market can be segmented on the basis of

a. Density

b. Customers

c. Both a & b

d. Neither a & b

e. None of these


13. Sales targets are fixed on the basis of

a. Past experience

b. Time period

c. Brand position

d. All the above

e. None of these


14. Which among the following is an example of Secondary Media?

a. Television

b. Radio

c. Hoardings

d. News Papers

e. None of these



15. Emotional and Rational buying motives can be differentiated on the basis of

a. Time in purchasing

b. Dominance

c. Nature of Product

d. All the above

e. None of these


16. Marketing implies “Meeting needs _____________”

a. Profitably

b. Focus

c. Products

d. Research

e. Psychology


17. The following does not represent a market situation.

a. A bank run dispensary in its staff quarters

b. A fund rising Charity Show for the members of an NGO

c. A Meditation Camp of a religious Organization conducted for its members

d. A stall distributing Tirumala prasadam in a mandir


18. The markets are grouped into different types based on the geographical area, location of market place, product, nature of transaction and volume of transaction. In the above statement the following is not correct?

a. Nature of transaction.

b. Geographical area

c. Location of Market place

d. Volume of transaction


19. The act of obtaining a desired object from someone by offering something in return is called

a. Transaction

b. Exchange

c. Relationship

d. Value


20. Services have special characteristics namely ______ which affect their Marketing process

a. Intangibility

b. Inseparability

c. Heterogeneity

d. Perishability

e. All the above


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