Marketing is an important section in all most all the entrance exams like IBPS Clerical and Probationary Officers Exam. You need to make sure you practice a lot of marketing aptitude based questions and answers.

Here are some solved questions based on Marketing Aptitude which will help you in all competitive exams.

1. Sub market is also known as ______?

1. Origin of market

2. Merging of market

3. Market segment*

4. None of these

2. What is the full form of ‘PLC’?

1. Product life cycle*

2. Product long cost

3. Product life cost

4. None of these

3. Commercialisation of product is based on _______?

1. Production

2. Test Marketing*

3. Pricing

4. Wages

4. Trickledown theory is associated with ___________?

1. Brand

2. Fashion*

3. Patent

4. None of these

5. BPO stands for _________?

1. Balance of payment

2. Budget Product Online

3. Business Process Outsourcing*

4. None of these

6. ‘AIDA’ is related to ________?

1. Branding

2. Packaging

3. Advertising*

4. None of these

7. Who is Prospect Customers?

1. Potential Customers*

2. Present Customers

3. Staff

4. None of these

8. Hire Purchase System is _______?

1. A contract of sales

2. Method of Pricing

3. An agreement to sell*

4. None of these

9. SEM stands for _______?

1. Search Engine Marketing*

2. Sales Even Method

3. Sales Even Organisation

4. None of these

10. What do you mean by Data Wave House?

1. A Godown

2. A shop selling computers

3. A Showroom

4. A system where data on customers is stored*

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