There have been many questions on the nuclear deal between India and the US. Here are a few points that, we believe, can help us get an insight into the deal. Now you decide whether to favour the deal or not.

The Cons:

  1. Importing Natural gas from Iran would be much cheaper.
  2. Nuclear energy projects have very high input costs when compared to conventional and non-conventional sources of energy. Even if the nuclear deal was signed now, it would take about eight years for imported reactors to get operational.
  3. India has huge natural resources. If we utilize them properly, say with hydro power, wind energy, thermal energy, solar power, hydrogen and other such energy sources, we can generate cost effective energy for India.
  4. India will become more dependent on the US for the Nuclear Fuel. India does not have enough Uranium to sustain the projects on its own.
  5. With a very bad security record and continuous terrorist attacks, India will have to face the fears of leakage of nuclear fuel. This will be the biggest threat if the fuel falls in the wrong hands.
  6. With increased amount of nuclear waste, the management will be too expensive. Radio Active Rays are quite harmful to health.
  7. The US interest if more strategic under the cover of the nuclear deal. They seem to be afraid of India becoming a major force in the World. The deal talks about trade, commerce, access of Indian R&D facilities etc. So there is more than what meets the eye.
  8. The US reserves the right to recall the technology and fuel. This should be a major concern for us.
  9. We should develop indigenous technology for Nuclear power with targets set to achieve nuclear independence in future.
  10. India is ill-equipped with Disaster Management required for an unfortunate Nuclear Accident. We are not able to manage natural disasters like flood, drought, earthquakes etc. So this will pose another challenge in future.

The Pros:

  1. Nuclear energy is the future; with depleting fossil fuel reserves, we need alternatives to sustain development.
  2. In the near future fuel prices may go up to a limit where they will be more expensive as compared to the Nuclear Energy.
  3. The Indo-US ties will improve and we may get technologies for other sectors like agriculture and defence.
  4. We will get fuel to run our existing nuclear power plants which are suffering from lack of fuel and our investments are getting no returns.
  5. We will be less dependent on the oil cartels like OPEC.
  6. The technology from the US will help us understand the process and may lead to new technological developments.
  7. Nuclear power will fuel our dream of becoming a developed nation by provide relief from the regular power cuts and shortage.
  8. US ties with our neighbours, Pakistan and China may lead to India falling behind with lack of technology.

Now that we know some of the points that favour the deal and some that oppose it. Please tell us what do you think about the issue?

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