IBPS CWE is conducted for Clerks, Probationary Officers, Management Trainees and Specialist Officers. The exam is quite difficult and the most challenging part is General Awareness.

The following GK for IBPS Exams will help you understand the pattern of questions asked in the IBPS CWE. You can get more GK for Entrance Exams from our dedicated GK Section.

1. Microfinance institutions (MFI) were classified as a new category of non-banking financial company (NBFC) by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in November 2011. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

I. The margin cap for NBFC-MFIs is fixed at 12 per cent.

II. Interest on individual loans must not exceed 24 per cent per annum

III. Loan processing charges should not exceed one per cent

a) I only

b) I and II only

c) II and III only

d) III and I only*

e) I, II and III


2. Only two supercomputers from India have made it to the TOP500 List of the world’s most powerful supercomputers unveiled in November 2011. They are based at which of the following locations?

I. Tata Computational Research Laboratories

II. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

III. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

IV. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

a) I and II

b) I and III*

c) II and III

d) II and IV

e) III and IV


3. Which of the following statements about opening bank accounts for beneficiaries of MGNREGS and other social security schemes is/are correct?

I. RBI has asked banks to ensure opening of Aadhaar-enabled banks accounts

II. Aadhaar identity cards are accepted as valid documents under the Know Your Customer norms for opening bank accounts

III. RBI has said accounts based on the Aadhaar unique national identification number should also be opened for residents of villages with population of less than 2,000 for promoting financial inclusion

a) I only

b) I and II only

c) II and III only

d) III and I only

e) I, II and III*


4. Which of the following has affirmed its ‘BBB- with stable outlook’ credit rating for leading banks such as State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Bank of India in December 2011?

a) Standard & Poor’s*

b) Moody’s

c) Deloitte


e) Fitch


5. Insurance companies have to complete a minimum of how many years of functioning for becoming eligible to list on stock markets according to guidelines issued by IRDA in December 2011?

a) 2 years

b) 3 years

c) 5 years

d) 7 years

e) 10 years*


6. The revised Companies Bill, 2011 was cleared by the Union Cabinet on December 1, 2011. Which of the following statements about its features on the status of independent directors (IDs) on company boards is/are correct?

I. IDs will not be liable for legal action in case of malpractices by the companies

II. At least 50 per cent of a company’s board should consist of IDs if the company has executive chairman

III. A person would not be able to hold the directorship in more than 20 companies

a) I only

b) I and II only*

c) II and III only

d) III and I only

e) I, II and III


7. India Telecom 2011 was organised in New Delhi in December 2011. Which of the following statements about targets set by the National Telecom Policy (NTP) is/are correct?

I. Broadband connections available on demand by the year 2015

II. Broadband access to all village Panchayats through optical fibre by the year 2014

III. 100 per cent rural teledensity by 2020

a) I only

b) I and II only

c) II and III only

d) III and I only

e) I, II and III*


8. India was elected Chairman of International ____ Council in December 2011.

a) Tea

b) Sugar*

c) Coffee

d) Spices

e) Rubber


9. Which of the following will be set up by the government to enhance the research and innovation capabilities of the Indian biotech industry?

a) Biotechnology Industry Innovation Forum

b) Biotechnology Industry Regulatory Authority

c) Biotechnology Industry Entrepreneurship Initiative

d) Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council*

e) Biotechnology Industry Research & Development Fund


10. Which private sector company is a member of the Afghan Iron and Steel Consortium that has won mining rights for iron ore in Bamiyan province of Afghanistan?

a) JSW Steel

b) Jindal Steel and Power Ltd

c) Monnet Ispat

d) All the above*

e) None of the above

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