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Q1. As OECD said that India’s growth rate will grow by ……………… percent in 2015-16?

A) 5.4

B) 5

C) 6.6

D) 6

E) None of these

Q2. What is the name European Organization for Nuclear Research?

A) Fern

B) Cern



E) None of these

Q3. In re launched Kisan Vikas Patra, money will double in ……………. Months?

A) 100

B) 80

C) 90

D) 70

E) None of these

Q4. Who has been selected for CK Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award 2014?

A) Sachin Tendulkar

B) Rahul Dravid

C) VVS Laxman

D) Dilip Vengsarkar

E) None of these

Q5. NTPC to set up 70 model schools in ………?

A) Punjab

B) Bihar

C) Odisha

D) Uttarakhand

E) None of these

Q6. The worst effected country by terrorism as per Global Terrorism Index?

A) Afghanistan

B) Syria

C) Iraq

D) Pakistan

E) None of these

Q7. Which commission is related with 2002 Gujarat riots?

A) Gupta commission

B) Nanavati commission

C) Sehgal commission

D) Arora commission

E) None of these

Q8. As per UN Report descending order of World’s largest youth population …..?

A) Pakistan-1, China-2, India-3

B) India-1, Germany-2, Indonesia-3

C) China-1, USA-2, Indonesia-3

D) India-1, China-2, Indonesia-3

E) None of these

Q9. CK Nayudu awards are given for……..?

A) Cricket

B) Hockey

C) Tennis

D) Football

E) None of these

Q10. With which country India has signed five pacts and agreed on early closure of Civil Nuclear Deal?

A) Australia

B) Germany


D) New Zealand

E) None of these

The answers are given below. Like this page to show the answers.

1. C                  2. B                  3. A                  4. D                  5. C

6. C                  7. B                  8. D                  9. A                  10. A



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