English for Bank Exams

We are giving her English for Bank exams. You will face similar type of questions in your bank exams. Try to solve them. Answers are given at the end. Download more.

Some Commonly Misused Words

Most of us make a mistake while using these words. It is very important to know which word to use in what context. I hope you will all like the list and remember to use them “correctly” next time you write/say something.

How to improve your English by Reading

Reading is the best way to learn a language, however we need to make sure that we use the correct technique. Normally when we read, we try to go very fast. So the result is that we skip many common words and only pick some words which give a meaning to the sentences. We need to change this approach if we want to improve our English.

10 Things to do to improve your spoken English

So you want to improve your spoken English. It’s very important because you have a very important interview to clear before you get your “Dream Job”. You are confident that you will clear all the rounds, if only you had the confidence to speak in English. You are committed to work for it but you don’t know where to start, how to start.

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