This is a sample paper based on previous question papers for various agriculture specialization related exams like UPSC, Civil Services, NABARD, Agricultural Banks, RAS, ASRB. This should give you an idea about syllabus for various competitive entrance exam where questions for agriculture science are a part of the syllabus (like specialist officers, loan officers, etc).

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1. Total cropped area in India is:

(a) 137 mha

(b) 142 mha

(c) 147 mha

(d) 152 mha

2. The average agricultural production from irrigated area is:

(a) 1/8 tonnes/ha

(b) 2.0 tonnes/ha

(c) 2.4 tonnes/ha

(d) 2-8 tonnes/ha

3. Indian agriculture is facing the following major problems. Which is NOT CORRECT?

(a) Land degradation

(b) Rising population

(c) Lack of bullock power

(d) Stagnant cultivable area

4. The area occupied by legume in India is

(a) 24 mha

(b) 29 mha

(c) 34 mha

(d) 39 mha

5. The principle oil seed crop of India is

(a) Sesame

(b) Mustard

(c) Linseed

(d) Groundnut

6. Which fiber crop occupies largest area in India?

(a) Jute

(b) Flax

(c) Cotton

(d) Sunnhemp

7. First agricultural university was established

(a) Ludmana

(b) Pusa

(c) Kanpur

(d) Pant Nagar

8. Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to

Dr. Norman Borlaug in

(a) 1969

(b) 1970

(c) 1971

(d) 1972

9. Dr Rajendra Singh Paroda has been felicitated

with the award

(a) Padam Shri

(b) Padam Bhushan

(c) Padam Vibhushan

(d) Bharat Ratna

10. To be self reliant in agriculture the following growth rate per year is necessary

(a) 3.0%

(b) 3.5%

(c) 4.0%

(d) 4.5%

11. On the basis of agro climatic conditions Pali,

Jalore, Sirohi and Jodhpur are included in Zone

(a) II-B

(b) II-A

(c) I-B


12. Which state is devoid of arid zone?

(a) Punjab

(b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Maharashtra

(d) Andhra Pradesh

13. Indian Institute of Soil Science is located at

(a) Ludhiana

(b) Hisar

(c) New Delhi

(d) Bhopal

14. The irrigation water requirement of onion is

(a) 60 cm

(b) 50 cm

(c) 40 cm

(d) 30 cm

15. Sowing of second crop in between the standard rows of the first crop before its removal is called

(a) Inter cropping

(b) Multi copping

(c) Intensive cropping

(d) Relay cropping

16. The cropping system beneficial to prevent soil erosion due to winds is

(a) Mixed cropping

(b) Strip cropping

(c) Relay cropping

(d) Multi cropping

17. The optimum temperature for sugarcane is

(a) 21-27 °C

(b) 14-29 °C

(c) 25-30 °C

(d) 28-34 °C

18. Per hectare seed rate of guar is

(a) 3 kg

(b) 6 kg

(c) 9 kg

(d)12 kg

19. The production of oil seeds in. India during 1996-97 was

(a) 22 million tonnes

(b) 25 million tonnes

(c) 24 million tonnes

(d) 26 million tonnes

20. The layer in the soil profile where material removed from the two overlaying horizons is deposited is called

(a) A-horizon

(b) B-horizon

(c) C-horizon

(d) D-horizon

21. The diameter of very fine sand particles is-

(a) Below 0.002 mm

(b) 0.05-0.002mm

(c) 0.01-0.05 mm

(d) 0.05-0.10mm

22. The mineral weathering and clay formation are rapid where the climate is-

(a) Warm and moist

(b) Warm and dry

(c) Cold and moist

(d) Cold and dry

23. Alkali soils are treated with gypsum to correct the deficiency of-

(a) Sulphur

(b) Calcium

(c) Magnesium

(d) Zinc

24. Which micro-nutrient is most deficient in Indo-Gangatic alluvium soils?

(a) Iron

(b) Zinc

(c) Copper

(d) Manganese

25. Which fertilizer is most beneficial for alkali soils?

(a) Urea

(b) Ammonium sulphate

(c) Calcium ammonium nitrate

(d) Ammonium nitrate


1. b 2. a 3. d 4. a 5. a

6. c 7. d 8. d 9. c 10. c

11. a 12. c 13. b 14. c 15. d

16. b 17. a 18. d 19. a 20. b

21. a 22. c 23. c 24. b 25. b

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