So you want to improve your spoken English. It's very important because you have a very important interview to clear before you get your "Dream Job". You are confident that you will clear all the rounds, if only you had the confidence to speak in English. You are committed to work for it but you don't know where to start, how to start.

Sounds familiar!! I bet this has happened to most of us at some point of time. I remember times when I used to think that English was the biggest barrier for my career growth. Not any more, I worked hard and now I am at a comfort level with my English and even teach people how to overcome this challenge.

Today I am going to share what I did to improve my English. You can follow the same steps and beat the fear for "Angrezi", now the world language.

10 Things that I think are important to improve your spoken English:

1. Read some kind of English material everyday. e. g. you may read a good magazine like "India Today", Front Line". You may even start with quality editorials from Newspapers like "The Hindu" and "The Tribune".

2. Listen, carefully, to English movies or speakers. Take note of the words/terms used. You might use them someday. It would be better if you have a booklet where you could list down the words along with their meaning and usage. Make sure you go back and read these words over and over till you start using them effectively.

3. We know English but our tongue doesn’t, so try to read aloud. It would be best if you have a corresponding cassettes. You should read aloud alongside the recordings.

4. Watch English movies with English subtitles on. This has many advantages. You will be able to compare the written words to the correct pronunciations. You will get a feel of how real English sentences are formed when speaking.

5. Listen to English songs. This will help you a lot. If u can’t understand the accent, take the lyrics which you can get by searching at google (your best teacher online).

6. Note down the phrases you get from different English sources, mug up them and use them.

7. One of the most common mistakes that English learners make is, they think in their mother tongue. When they want to say something in English, they think in their mother tongue, translate it to English and then say it in English. If you want to speak in English fluently you will have to learn to "think" in English.

8. To help you with your English, you could get your self a English learning kit OR English learning software life "Cafe English".

9. Talk to yourself. You may feel shy, using English, when among your friends, however you should talk to yourself loudly in English to know how well you are doing.

10. The last but the most important thing. Stop thinking that you cannot speak English, "YOU CAN", believe me.

Other suggested readings:

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So what are you waiting for, go grab a couple of articles and start reading them to start with (remember point One!!).

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