SSC Tax Assistant Recruitment Exam – English Grammar Sample Questions

SSC Tax Assistant Recruitment Exam notification has been published. We hope you have applied for it. If not, please apply for SSC Tax Assistant.. The entrance test will test your hold of English Language too. Today we have some sample questions for you. Please attempt them to the best of your knowledge.

Sentence Completion - English Grammar Sample Questions

Each of the following questions consists of an incomplete sentence. Choose the word or phrase which best completes the sentence according to standard written English.

1. The day was so _____ that we decided to take a picnic lunch to the beach.

1. clear and warmly

2. clearly and warmly

3. clearly and warm

4. clear and warm

2. The man _____ is my brother-in-law.

1. of the dark beard

2. with the dark beard

3. to the dark beard

4. with the dark beard on.

3. When Anita got to class, she was horrified _____ to study for the test.

1. discovering she forgot

2. at discovering she had forgotten

3. to discover she had forgotten

4. to discover she forgot

4. Reaching the top of the mountain, we _____ Energy left for the descent.

1. had hardly any

2. hadn't hardly any

3. had hardly no

4. hadn't hardly no

5. The play _____ the typical American tourist.

1. poked fun at

2. made the audience to laugh at

3. made a mockery to

4. joked at

6. Everyone brought _____ lunch to the picnic.

1. their

2. there

3. its

4. his or her

7. He doesn't know _____ about sports.

1. nothing

2. anything

3. at all

4. something

8. That was the year _____ I was born.

1. where

2. into which

3. in which

4. at which

9. The package containing books and records _____ last week.

1. is delivered

2. are delivered

3. was delivered

4. were delivered

10. The stolen jewels must be recovered _____

1. at any cost

2. to any cost

3. with any expense

4. no matter any expenditure

11. As I _____ , I suddenly remembered that it was your birthday.

1. to feed my cats

2. am feeding my cats

3. had fed my cats

4. was feeding my cats

12. Before anyone could do anything, the boat slowly _____

1. sinks

2. was sinking

3. sank

4. was sank

13. The cat jumped _____ my lap.

1. beside

2. away

3. into

4. by

14. The children ran screaming into _____ own rooms.

1. his

2. they're

3. their

4. its

15. If I can get _____ with my exams,I'II take a long vacation.

1. under

2. beyond

3. behind

4. through

16. The dog _____ with the baby.

1. made friends

2. made friendly

3. befriended

4. befriending

17. _____ my good advice,Jim walked home in the rain.

1. Away from

2. Contrary to

3. The reverse of

4. Rejecting himself of

18. I went to the movie _____ I wanted to see John Wayne.

1. although

2. before

3. as soon as

4. because

19. Don't _____ in that broken chair.

1. sit

2. set

3. sitting

4. sat

20. A large _____ of older - model cars do not have proper smog-control devices.

1. many

2. lot

3. amount

4. number

SSC Tax Assistant Syllabus and Pattern

Happy Learning!!


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  2. Thank you so much to provide this type of question papers with answers.

  3. Sample questions are really very useful for the purpose of further preparation but one thing i had to suggest you that if you can also keep the answer sheet on the mail then it would be very beneficial

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