We are giving here Marketing questions for SBI Associate Exam. These questions may help you in other exams as well like IBPS PO, Clerks etc. to attempt questions based on marketing.

Q1. Online marketing is mostly useful for marketing of:

A) Saving accounts

B) Credit cards

C) Home loans

D) NRI deposits

E) Business accounts

Q2. What is the USP of saving account?

A) High rate of interest

B) Easy operations

C) Risk transactions

D) Expensive transactions

E) Back office facility

Q3. Basscassursance means:

A) Assurance of bank for quality services

B) Assurance for sanction of loans

C) Selling of Insurances products by bank

D) Selling credit cards

E) Selling debit card

Q4. Bank sells insurance for:

A) Increasing deposits

B) Increasing loans

C) Increasing clients

D) Earning more profits

E) Taking over insurance companies

Q5. Mutual fund business from existing customers can be canvassed by:

A) Coercion

B) Cross-selling

C) Internal marketing

D) Outdoor marketing

E) Road-shows

Q6. Marketing in banks has been necessitated due to:

A) Globalization

B) Excess staff

C) Nationalization of Bank

D) Complacency among the staff

E) Poor customer services

Q7. Saving Accounts with Zero balance can be opened for:

A) Persons below BPL

B) Under financial inclusion scheme

C) Students

D) As per bank’s policies

E) None of the above

Q8. Financial Inclusion means:

A) Opening accounts of finance companies

B) Financial Analysis of balance sheet figures

C)  Opening accounts of HNIs

D) Opening accounts NRIs

E) Opening accounts of under privileged persons

Q9. NPA stands for:

A) Not Performing Asset

B) Non Performing Asset

C) Net Performing Asset

D) Net Profit Against

E) Non Pure Asset

Q10. Credit Card is issued by:

A) Respective bank or any credit authority

B) Customer

C) Anybody

D) All of these

E) None of these

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1. C                  2. B                  3. C                  4. D                  5. B

6. A                  7. A                  8. E                  9. B                  10. A


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