We are giving here IBPS Sample Paper Reasoning. You will face these kind of problems in your exams. So try to solve them. Answers are given at the end of each question.

Q1. Sachin  is 15 ranks above  Sam who ranks 28th in a class of 50. What is Sachin's rank from the bottom?

1. 39

2. 37

3. 38

4. 35

5. None

Answer: 3

Q2. A,B,C,D,E & F are sitting in a row facing North. A is neighbour of B and D. E is neighbour of C and F. D is neighbour of C. How many members are there between A and E?

1. Two

2. One

3. Three

4. Four

5. None

Answer: 1

Q3. If 'A' is written as 'B' and 'B' as 'A' . 'E' as 'F' and 'F' is 'E' and so on, how will the word 'BRIG' be written?





5. None

Answer: 1

Q4. If Rakesh"s mother's brother is Aman's father's brother, then Rakesh's mother is Aman's _____

1. Grand mother

2. Aunt

3. Cousin

4. Sister-in-law

5. None

Answer: 2

Q5. It is Thursday on 25th of September. What day will it be on the 25th of October in the same year?

1. Monday

2. Sunday

3. Friday

4. Saturday

5. None

Answer: 4

Directions (Q6 to 8): Read the following information carefully to answer these questions:

A,B,C,D and E are sitting along a circle facing the centre.

C is neighbour of A and B 

E is to the immediate left of B.

Q6. Which of the following is the false statement?

1. E is to the immediate right of D

2. D is second to the right of C

3. A is third to the right of E

4. A is between C and D

5. None is false

Answer: 5

Q7. What is the position of D?

1. To the immediate right of E

2. Third to the right of B

3. To the immediate left of A

4. Second to the left of C

5. None

Answer: 2

Q8. Which of the following is true statement?

1. A is second to the left of B

2. B is second to the left of D

3. D is between A and E

4. C is third to the left of E

5. None

Answer: 3

Q9. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which one does not belong to the group?

1. OP

2. IJ

3. TU

4. AB

5. FE

Answer: 5

Q10. In the case of how many digits in the number 7214658, their position in the number and the position when the digits if the numbers are arranged in the ascending order is identical?

1. Three

2. Four

3. One

4. Two

5. None

Answer: 1

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