How was IBPS CWE Clerical Question Paper Nov 2011

Friends, some of you must have appeared for the first Clerical Common Exam held by IBPS on November 27, 2011. We would like to have some feedback on the question paper pattern.

As you may know that the exam will be held on two more days i.e. December 04, 2011 and December 11, 2011. There will be two shift like there were today. This will give you an idea about how competitive the exam is. There are lakhs of people sitting for the test.

Lets share what we know and help other who still have to appear for the exam.

Some Questions from the GK Section:

Note: These are based on memory

  1. Full form of EFT ? – Electronic Fund Transfer
  2. Purpose of NEFT and RTGS? - Fund Transfer
  3. Current Railway Minister of India? - Dinesh Trivedi (Mamta Banerjee quit in May after becoming the Chief Minister
  4. Ranji Trophy is related to? - Cricket
  5. Indian PM visited which Neighboring country in September? – Bangladesh
  6. Which Bank has maximum number of ATMs in India? - SBI
  7. RTGS Minimum and Maximum Limit? - 2 to 5 lakh
  8. Saina Nehwal plays? – Badminton
  9. Biggest housing loans provider in India ? – ICICI
  10. Which country will host 2016 summer Olympics? – Brazil
  11. Who is the prime minister of Japan - Yoshihiko Noda
  12. In BR Act what is meaning for R? - Regulation.
  13. World bank head quarter is in? Washington D.C

We would like to know your views on:

1. Was the exam more difficult as compared to other clerical exams?

2. Which section was most difficult?

3. What was the easiest section.

4. Did the current GK published on GJ Tutorial help?

5. Was it similar to the sample papers published on this website?

Please post a comment below:


  1. Hey can anyone tell me that what will the cutt of list of this exam

  2. Math was lenghthy,Reasoning is bit is okie....

  3. CWE for clerk maintained a good level, thn other bank clerical exam. in morning session reasoning was stranded and in evening numerical aptitude was. G.K. was easy current affairs and English was normal as other bank exams.

  4. I have heard that the larges number of ATM has the ICICI. Is it correct?

  5. I think math was hard than other clerical exam

  6. I am not satisfied this exam

  7. in reasoning non verbal is very difficult.but English is very easy,and numeric is very easy,and arithmetic is so hard long process.but the computer is very easy.

  8. My exam is on 4dec,hence i wanna know ...
    1)is d paper difficult?
    2)how is d question of computer part?specially wat is asking in comp?
    3)total no. Of question

  9. There are some questions which i remember..

    Maxim Gorky has written "The Mother"

    ALU performs which type of operations?

    Who is the ex-officio chairman of rajyasabha?

    • exoffico chaireman of rajya sbbha is Vice President of India ( Mohamad hamid ansari)

  10. i want a memory based solved question paper plz reply me befor 4/12/2011

  11. Paper was easy comparatively but it definitely will be having higher cut off ...

  12. this was fine paper. we should focus mainly on reasoning , quantitative , and english. atleast 20-20 questions should attempt first.

  13. Hi,

    How was Quant & Reasoning section?

  14. it was quite easy and attempt-able in the 2nd half yesterday. Only section I felt a bit uneasy was non verbal part which took around 15 min and comprehension. Rest all are ok .

  15. Ibps clerical exam was easy. but paper was long no matter my performance was good

  16. I think the present railway minister is Mr Dinesh Trivedi...Cud u pls clarify the same?

    • Yes, you are right. We will update the article.


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