What are Bt Brinjal and Bt Cotton – Current GK

Bt brinjal is a genetically modified variety of brinjal developed in India. Mahyco, India’s top seed producer has developed it in collaboration with American multinational Monsanto. Bt cotton introduced in March 2002, proved to be a failure against bollworms.

Relation Between Ibn E Battuta and General Knowledge!

Yes you read it right. Ibn E Battuta was the source of lot information that we have about the world. He was a famous Muslim traveller, from Morocco, who visited many different places. He travelled for almost 30 years through much of the Dar al-Islam, or the World of Islam. He met nearly every Muslim leader who ruled at that time.

Gallantry Awards in India

Indian Military award its brave soldiers for showing exceptional courage during wartime. These are called gallantry awards. The highest gallantry wards in India are Param Vir Chakra (PVC), Maha Vir Chakra (MVC), Vir Chakra (VrC). Read more about these awards which are important for General Awareness Section of recruitment exams.

Liberhan Commission: Improve you GK

Liberhan Commission, headed by and named after the retired judge of Supreme Court M S Liberhan was constituted on December 16, 1992 to investigate events leading to demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. Read more about How, When, Why of Liberhan Commission.